With its latest release, the new Ford Puma ST Powershift is shaking things up. The popular SUV will come with a 1.0-liter EcoBoost mild-hybrid engine and a 7-speed automatic transmission for the first time. The American automaker has just published the first official images and information about this new engine, and the numbers are impressive.

The 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine boasts 170 horsepower and 248 Nm of torque, enough to reach 100 km/h in just 7.4 seconds. These figures are particularly impressive for a 1.0-liter engine, and the mild-hybrid system is sure to improve fuel economy, making it an attractive choice for both speed and sustainability.

The new Ford Puma ST Powershift comes with a fresh exterior shade called Azura Blue, and the headliner can be ordered in gloss black. The 19-inch wheels are finished in Magnetite, giving the SUV a sleek, modern look.

The new version of the Ford Puma ST Powershift will be available for order in April, and it's sure to be a popular choice among automotive enthusiasts. This is not the first time the Puma ST has turned heads. The American automaker first released the Ford Puma ST three years ago, featuring a 1.5-liter EcoBoost engine with 200 horsepower and a 6-speed manual transmission.

The Puma ST's latest release will make waves in the automotive industry, introducing a powerful new engine to the SUV's lineup. The 1.0-liter mild-hybrid unit is not entirely new to the Puma, having been available since 2019, but the addition of the 7-speed Powershift automatic transmission is a significant upgrade that will improve the overall driving experience.

While technical specifications have not yet been revealed, the Puma ST Powershift's impressive horsepower and torque figures suggest that it will be a force to be reckoned with on the road. Plus, with a facelift scheduled for 2024 and plans for a zero-emission version in the works, the Puma ST is showing no signs of slowing down. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new addition to the Ford family.


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