When the all-new Ford Ranger Raptor was introduced earlier this year, props included a cargo plane, iron shackles, and a fortified airstrip. The film's principal character is the wild Ford Ranger Raptor, which might easily be mistaken for a Hollywood action flick.

In the next-gen Ford Ranger Raptor clip, you witness the new Ranger Raptor strapped onto a cargo jet flying above Europe when the rugged pickup's engine suddenly fires up. The Ford pickup truck leaps from the plane - landing with an astonishing leap on the runway.

When we initially learned of the film's ambitions, it seemed insane. Yet, I recall the people's emotions and grins when we initially informed them about it. It is an exciting way to introduce the Next-Gen Ranger Raptor - and one that I believe our devoted and enthusiastic fans will enjoy, Ranger Brand Manager James Cooper of Ford of Europe remarked during the film's premiere.

Almost three months of planning are preceding the stunt film's production. The recordings lasted three days and were assembled in the box with the assistance of 38 individuals, including famed filmmaker Nick Piper. Paul Swift, a pioneer in stunt driving with over 30 years of expertise, performed the actual leaping and drifting.

This Ford Raptor is incredible - I adore it! I was first concerned about the high degree of ambition, but the automobile readily accomplishes it. Moreover, according to Paul Swift, the film's stuntman, the car simplified my job considerably.

The Ford Rangers engineering team in Australia has played a crucial role in the film's development. Already in the planning stages, they were confident that the cool Ranger Raptor could endure the numerous ordeals. As a result, the film arrived in the box without any mechanical modifications to the car. The only improvement made along the route was the installation of a customized seat belt in place of the conventional seat belt.

The pilots in the video are genuine pilots who regularly fly cargo planes across Africa and are unfamiliar with transporting pickup trucks. In the film, they pass the cargo jet down the 1,800-meter-long runway at 200 km/h to allow high-tech cameras to catch the Ranger's escape from the hold.

You can see the stunt video using the Ranger Raptor pickup truck here.


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