Bioactive Silicate (BAS) is modified sodium silicate and antioxidant helps you to alkalize your body and improve pH. Clinically proven medicine, BAS for immunity, bone & joint structure health, hair, skin & nail strength.

BioActive Silicate (BAS)

It is a modified sodium silicate, acts as an antioxidant supplement. BAS’s silica is water soluble and bio available. BAS in concentrated form has a high pH. Improving the body’s pH (acid-alkaline balance) is one of the best ways to reduce many degenerative health conditions which result from acidic conditions.

BioActive Silicate(BAS) Benefits

  • Increase bone strength, joint mobility & strength. Alkalize your body - BAS and similar products have been found to help alkalize the body. BioActive Silicate in concentrated form has a high ph. It helps to reduce many degenerative health conditions.
  • Increase cellular nitric oxide levels – BAS helps to boost the immune system by increasing cellular Nitric Oxide levels, reduce harmful free radical damage by increasing antioxidants like glutathione catalase and SOD in different cells.
  • Bioactive silicate can be utilized in promoting positive health - BAS has been in production for more than 10 years and there have been no reported adverse effects reported. BAS is water soluble and easily absorbed.
Bioactive Silicate - BAS

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