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QC Kinetix (Colchester) is a Regenerative Medicine provider in Colchester, VT. We provide non-surgical regenerative medicine treatments for joint pain to residents of Colchester, VT, and surrounding areas. Our biologic therapies are the perfect solution for anyone seeking alternatives to surgery for pain. At QC Kinetix (Colchester), our regenerative medicine specialists provide a regimen focused on your individual recovery goals. We work to reduce inflammation and pain so that your body can focus on repairing the damage. With our long-lasting pain relief, you can reduce your need for medication and experience restorative rest.


QC Kinetix (Colchester) offers the most recent in regular regenerative treatments to assist with diminishing irritation, further developing agony, and fixing harmed or deteriorated tissues, without medical procedure. The patient experience at our clinic is unparalleled in the clinical field, as we provide a high degree of administration throughout the whole process. We can help you get relief while avoiding surgery, so you can return to your normal life activities as quickly as possible.


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QC Kinetix (Colchester)

Address: 401 Watertower Cir, Suite 202, Colchester, VT 05446

Phone: (802) 724-6537

Email: contactqc@qckinetix.com


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