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Most Marine Managers struggle to keep up with the document recording onboard their vessels and onshore. At SeaLogs, we've created a digital logbook and boat maintenance software that connects everyone with one systemised, purposeful tool to help their business grow and succeed.

So, you're a Fisherman, a Sailor, a Commerical Charter Operator, a Jet boater, a Company owner, a Recreational Boater, a Pirate, a Fleet Manager, a Ship's Captain...It's time to change the way you log information! Paper logbooks are a thing of the past! It's time for something new, something easy, something far superior. SeaLogs is Maritime's most innovative Electronic Logbook and Fleet Mangement soluiton, specifically designed for you and your business! Customisable digital logbooks that will enhance Safety, Compliance, and Efficieciencies by streamlining your entire operation. Connect with your fleet in real-time and from anywhere. Generate smart reports and analytics...track Crew Sea Time, Engine hours, Fuel usage, Mainteannce and more...Use SeaLogs and Harness your data intellegently! Are you read to Explore? Start using all the great features of SeaLgos and PROPEL your business into the future today! Sail to www.sealogs.com and sign up! We'll Sea you there!

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