This cute dog has such fabulous hair that he became famous on Instagram. There are many magnificent dogs around the world. Some have very long lashes, others have eyes of different colours, and others have really fabulous hair. I like Finn! Finn is an English Springer Spaniel and has an amazing hairstyle that many people would envy.

Its owner, Rebecca Munday, found an online ad in April 2016 for an adorable and unique puppy. Two months after the soup that took Finn, he decided to create an Instagram account to share his rare appearance. Now Finn has almost 14,000 Instagram followers and is rapidly gathering more and more.

The owner says most people want to touch his hair instantly! He also receives comments such as "he's a rock star."

The English Springer Spaniel is a great hunting dog that has the talent to find tracks with the help of its well-developed sense of smell. The character of this quadruped is cheerful and obedient. The dog focuses on one person, learns quickly and is sensitive, but not overly so. The English Springer Spaniel has self-confidence and strength of character and is forever faithful.

It is a weather-resistant dog, which adapts quite easily to the living conditions offered, whether they are outdoors or the apartment. He has a high level of activity and therefore must be provided with the daily movement he needs to maintain good physical condition. He likes to take long walks, to run, to play, to participate in agility and training competitions, to make a contribution. It is an English Springer Spaniel with skills for field sports.


What do you think about the unusual appearance of this dog?

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