Social bookmarking is one of the promotional methods used by webmasters to increase the number of visitors to the site. Bookmarking networks allow users to add bookmarks through descriptions and keywords. Users can store, manage and organise bookmarks of online resources.

The first social bookmarking service appeared in 1996, but in 2003 Delicious appeared, which spread the term social bookmarking and tagging. In general, bookmarks are public, but can also be saved in private or only with certain groups of people in the network, so those people can see the bookmarks according to categories and tags. There are also some social bookmarking services in our country and their number will increase. For now, Delicious is closed.

What does enrolling in social directories help with and what are the benefits they bring?

In the first phase, social bookmarking sites can help people save time in finding, organising and exchanging information. Signing up for such networks is free and is a good way to bring targeted traffic. When registering a link it is necessary to create an account, in some of the Romanian networks I noticed that there is a voting system: positive and negative, depending on the number of votes the published link will be on the first page, for better exposure, which means more targeted visits to the site. Of course, these things depend on the quality of the registered site and the information displayed. Other benefits include faster search engine indexing and quality links.

The most popular social bookmarking networks: Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Mix.

I hope this answers the question: What are the advantages of social bookmarking sites?

List of 11 free social bookmarking sites (2021):

1. Twitter

2. Pinterest

3. Reddit

4. Mix

5. We Heart It

6. Instapaper

7. Flipboard

8. Pocket


10. Pearltrees

12. Diigo

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