DJI has launched the Mini 2, the second generation of their smallest drone, and it is even better than the last one. Mini 2 is a drone for amateurs, light and portable, with enough functions. DJI Mini 2 improves on several elements that creaked in the previous generation.

The Mini 2 is still very small, its 138 x 81 x 58 mm when folded and weighs 249 grams. The 4K camera is filming at 30 fps. Vertical and horizontal speeds have increased, and the maximum altitude is now 4,000 metres. Wind resistance has increased by 20%.

The distance to which it can be controlled has increased to 10 km, but in an urban environment with a lot of interference, the official specifications speak of 3 km.

DJI Mini 2 Prices start at 450 € for the drone only and 600 € for combo kit (3 batteries + an external charger+ a carrying case).

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