To have potential buyers come to you for your product or service when you already have a firm grasp on their requirements would be a dream come true. Increasing one's success in sales is easier than ever with today's sophisticated tools. Organizations can benefit from lead management since it allows them to better organize and monitor their sales processes. Lead Management is the procedure of following up with and keeping tabs on possible new consumers. It's also known as CRM (customer relationship management) or contact management.

White papers, social media, commercials, blogs, public relations campaigns, and events are all examples of methods that may be used. The next step is to capture the marketing response and pertinent customer data in order to generate a sales lead. After then, sales staff are directed to make contact with clients based on a prioritized list of leads. Some of the prominent software solutions are the following.


When it comes to keeping tabs on leads and responding to questions, Freshsales is among the top software options available. You may create your own reports for pipeline regions, email reports, and more, in addition to the standard reports the application provides for deals, contacts, and opportunities. All reports are available at any moment, allowing you to compile data quickly and make strategic campaign adjustments. A sophisticated analytical tool may generate information on trend lines and activities that paint a clear picture of how successful various sales methods have been.

2-HubSpot Sales

If your company sells products online, then you need HubSpot Sales. The application has a cutting-edge interface that is both simple and straightforward to use. You may set up a series of customized emails to send to prospects without ever having to talk to them directly, thanks to this feature.


When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM) and lead management (LM) software, Pipedrive is head and shoulders above the competition. The program's endless tuning options make it useful for lead management. This service collects information from visitors to your website or subscribers to your newsletter using Web Forms that you design. Integrations with well-known contact management and CRM systems let you import leads from those systems.

4-NetHunt CRM

NetHunt CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management and leads management system that is compatible with Gmail and other Google services. With the help of Gmail's integration features, you can easily turn your mailbox into a prospect database. It collects data on potential customers, letting you send out tailored emails to different sets of leads.


As a market leader in lead management and customer relationship management (CRM), Pipeliner facilitates communication between businesses and their clients. It consolidates several perspectives on your finances into one convenient interface. They have the ability to assess which goods and services will most effectively target an audience. Everything relating to a sale is recorded, and lost chances and leads can be re-added to working pipelines.


SalesExec is a tool that streamlines the tedious and time-consuming process of following up on sales. With SalesExec, you'll never have to wonder who to contact or when to send an email or text message. Using automated lead prioritization and guided selling, your sales team will be able to work their leads more efficiently and with less complexity, ultimately leading to more closed transactions.

Marketing efforts, both online and off, may be used to drive call flow and so acquire contacts. Using a shotgun or round-robin call system, your agents may route calls to more seasoned personnel. In addition, personnel is free to switch teams, roles, or even locations.

6-Really Simple Systems

An all-inclusive online CRM, marketing, and sales management system, Really Simple Systems gets the job done quickly and easily. Also included is customer relationship management software for easy data access from any location. You may manage your clientele, leads, leads, marketing efforts, contacts, and sales activities all from inside the app.

For salespeople and sales teams in small and medium businesses, offers a cloud-based lead management tool. It has the fundamental features and choices needed to expand the sales funnel and attract more leads. The mobile app makes it simple to import contacts from business cards and emails or to enter them manually. In a flash, you may look up details on leads you already have, organize your tasks, map out your future steps, and update your information.

Final Thoughts:

All of the aforementioned programs include features useful for handling CRM, sales, marketing, and leads. By utilizing these programs, a manager may create and examine lead reports in order to better comprehend the marketing and sales outcomes. Information regarding successful sales initiatives and lead conversion rates can also be customized and preferred separately. 


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