Here's the list of the top 3 Indian food blogs and bloggers, who have started their journey to establish themselves amongst top graded influencers. Indeed, you must follow them, if looking for real inspiration.

#1. Bake with Shivesh

Shivesh Bhatia is a successful food blogger, baker, social media influencer, author and owns a channel named “Bake with Shivesh” on Youtube, where he provides tons of recipes, hacks to make baking fuss-free. Well, if you are someone who’s obsessed with baking and wants to go into the baking niche, then you really need to check out his page, to fall in love with baking. He’s a self-taught baker and will definitely change the perception of baking with a few hacks and tips.

#2. Archana’s Kitchen

Archana is a renowned food blogger with more than 10,000 recipes to explore. When you visit her blog, you’ll get tons of unique recipes, which even if you try daily, still you'd never get over it. She has a lot to offer in recipes, which you’d never get bored of. Also, her Instagram game is pretty strong which will make you feel like you’re in a food fest!

#3. F and B Recipes

Shristi Patni is the founder of F and B recipes which is a food and wellness blog, that educates people about how to inculcate healthy eating habits and cook delicious food with the tempting recipes that will help you enhance your mental and physical well being. In today’s era, who doesn't want to get fit eating wholesome and delicious food? This blog is all about the recipes for all the fitness freaks who want to live a healthy life consuming delectable food. Also, she wrote her first cookbook, 7 salad recipes for every day of the week that includes seven delicious salad recipes for you to try. Don’t miss out!

The Takeaway

I hope you’d find this curated list of food bloggers helpful. Do check them out, if you’re digging for great content.

Which Indian food blog inspires you the most and why? Tell us in the comment section below!

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