Padua, in northern Italy, has one of the most outstanding vintage vehicle markets in Europe, called "Auto e Moto d'Epoca." The "Alfa Romeo Classiche" program will debut in the 39th edition, running from October 20th to the 23rd, 2022. Under this banner, the iconic label offers a one-stop shop for all things related to vintage automobiles. Stellantis Group's top boss has never before taken such an active role. Alfa Romeo's CEO and the department head of heritage will co-chair the certification committee with help from the factory museum. Specifically, "Alfa Romeo Classiche" relies heavily on the museum's archives to do their work.

The CEO of Alfa Romeo, Jean Philippe Imparato, has said that the company is at a pivotal juncture. "This modern period is one of actual progress. Lofty objectives will define the company's destiny, such as redefining sportiness in the 21st century while staying faithful to Alfa Romeo's DNA. The company's history is a primary source of motivation for future endeavors. We hope to improve our legacy by verifying the originality of vintage Alfa Romeos through the "Alfa Romeo Classiche" program. Doing so gives these historic cars a second chance at bringing joy to drivers worldwide."

The "Alfa Romeo Classiche" program comprises three essential parts: the certificate of origin, the certificate of authenticity, and extensive repair services. With the help of the Heritage team and recognized experts in Alfa Romeo history, the company's upper management oversees the panel responsible for evaluating the historic vehicles and issuing the certificates.

With the VIN, you may trace the origin of your Alfa Romeo with the help of the Certificate of Origin. The service includes a thorough review of the manufacturer's manufacturing records and the issuance of a certificate verifying the vehicle's original configuration (including the model year, engine serial number, and interior and exterior features).

The research, examination, and comparison of production data and technical specifications recorded in the archive upon delivery provide the basis for a vintage vehicle's authenticity certificate. In light of this assessment, Alfa Romeo's Heritage division should confidently provide a certificate of authenticity for the antique car. The vehicle is examined and evaluated thoroughly by trained experts during the certification process. The most crucial features are tested, together with the vehicle's and its parts' uniqueness. Stellantis & You have sales and service partners in both Rome and Palermo, or you can visit the Officine Classiche in Mirafiori or the customer's house, whichever is most convenient.

The same crew maintaining the rare collection of vintage automobiles is available to restore individual vehicles for individual customers. From diagnostics to bodywork to component repair and finally an inspection, you can have your car back in top shape with the help of these professionals.

The new "Alfa Romeo Classiche" program has its section on the international Alfa Romeo website. Information on restoration grants and authenticity papers for classic cars are available here. Therefore, the website becomes the primary resource for all things related to owning an Alfa Romeo classic vehicle.



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