Stellantis &You, the premium automobile subscription service, now offers access to even more models: Stellantis has added Alfa Romeo and Jeep cars to its branch network's extensive inventory. In addition, work has begun to incorporate the Fiat name fully. This implies that by the end of the year, seven different Stellantis brands will be available for consumers to choose from when shopping for their ideal vehicle. 

"We'll go over every Stellantis flavor imaginable, which means we'll cover every market and every drive types. We also have commercial cars, ensuring that our customers may find the perfect ride with us." According to Cyril Coat-Schneider, Rent Manager at Stellantis & You in Germany's Sales and Services Department, they strongly emphasize.

Stellantis &You's subscription automobile service offers customizable plans with durations ranging from one month to an entire year. The process is very straightforward, as all a customer has to do to get started choose the version of the product that is ideal for their current situation. You can pick the term length and the monthly free mileage and check how soon the model will be available. Choose "Request vehicle" if you agree with the quoted pricing. The division then extends a proposal. The car can be retrieved from one of the 35 depots spread across the country if the paperwork is completed.

There are no hidden fees with a car subscription service, which is a significant perk. Your monthly payment covers everything from gas to maintenance, including insurance, taxes, winter and summer tires, and an annual inspection.

Stellantis &You Germany, formed from PSA Retail and FCA Motor Village, sold over 36,000 new and used automobiles in 2021. As a whole, Stellantis &You was responsible for 6.1% of Stellantis Group's new car sales in Germany in 2021.


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