Ford Pro has just unveiled the latest addition to its electric Transit range, the new Ford E-Transit Courier. This all-electric van offers more cargo space, faster charging, and digital services to improve productivity, setting a new standard in its class. With a payload that has been improved and flexible cargo space that is 25% larger than in the outgoing model, this electric van has better capacity and more connected solutions to increase productivity. The Ford E-Transit Courier is part of Ford's more than $50 billion global investment in electric vehicles and has been developed to deliver excellent driving experiences for customers. It comes with a 100 kW (136 HP) engine and the option of one-pedal driving.

The Ford E-Transit Courier is the smallest van in the Transit family, but its new design has led to an increase in loading capacity. The compact van can now accommodate two Euro pallets in the load compartment, thanks to the increased width between the wheel arches in the load compartment, which is 1,220 mm. The total load compartment volume is 25% larger, and a new loading hatch in the partition wall to the compartment makes it possible to transport objects longer than 2.60 m. The maximum payload for the electric model is 700 kilos, while the maximum trailer weight is 750 kilos.

The new electric powertrain of the Ford E-Transit Courier has been developed to deliver excellent driving experiences for customers. It includes a 100 kW (136 HP) engine and the option of one-pedal driving. While the E-Transit Courier is expected to be able to be charged at home with an 11 kW AC charger in 5.7 hours, the electric van can also be fast-charged with up to 100 kW on a DC fast charger. At this rate, Ford expects it to get 87 kilometers of range in 10 minutes, or charge from 10-80% in under 35 minutes.

The E-Transit Courier has been designed to meet the demands of modern businesses, especially in Norway's big cities, where it is expected to be in great demand. With space for two European pallets in the load compartment and the option to tow a trailer, this electric van is ideal for businesses that require a lot of cargo space. The E-Transit Courier is fully integrated with Ford Pro's extensive service offering, making it easier for businesses to manage their fleets and improve productivity.

The new Ford E-Transit Courier also comes with a range of digital services that can help businesses increase their productivity. With subscription-based solutions such as connected navigation and productivity updates, drivers can receive traffic updates, parking updates, and local danger alerts. The van is also available with a mobile office solution that provides a work surface that can be used as a desk, computer table, or lunch table.

The new electric van is part of Ford's commitment to sustainability and its global investment in electric vehicles. Ford has already launched two electric Transit models, the 2-tonne Ford E-Transit and Ford E-Transit Custom. The new E-Transit Courier will make its official debut at the International Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham, UK, which starts on 18 April. Production is scheduled to start late in 2024, but already in the summer, Norwegian customers will have the opportunity to order the new Transit Courier with a petrol or diesel engine, with delivery towards the end of 2023.

The Ford E-Transit Courier is a bigger, smarter, and fitter electric van that sets a new standard in its class. With its flexible cargo space, fast charging, and range of digital services, the E-Transit Courier is the ideal electric van for businesses that require a lot of cargo space.


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