Polestar is gaining traction across the country, and the Danes, particularly in North Zealand, have welcomed the Swedish performance electric car brand. Polestar created a new Space in Nærum on Thursday, 1 December, to fulfill the high demand. The Polestar 2 BST edition 270 will be uniquely experienced throughout December.

Simultaneously, Polestar celebrates a remarkable milestone with 2,000 delivered Polestar 2 cars in Denmark, as car number 2,000 is delivered in conjunction with the opening of the new Space in Nærum.

"It's incredible that after only a year and a half on the market, we've already sold 2,000 Polestar 2 vehicles in Denmark. I am extremely proud of the excellent progress and the fact that we can now launch such a magnificent and amazing Space here in Nærum"- Henrik Bang.

Like the others, the new Polestar Space in Nærum serves as a physical showroom for Polestar's digital-first business strategy, allowing clients to explore, configure, and order their automobiles online. Polestar Spaces are all equipped with a minimalist design concept with interactive features inspired by the experience of visiting an art museum.

Electric cars are in high demand throughout Denmark, especially in North Zealand, where drivers and commuters choose 100% electric vehicles. According to Danske Bilimportører, Rudersdal Municipality and Gentofte Municipality have recently led the list of municipalities with the most privately owned electric automobiles.

As a result, opening the new Space in Nærum excites Polestar's business partner Autohuset Vestergaard: "In recent years, we've seen a steady increase in demand for electric cars from people all around North Zealand who stop by to look. That is why we are pleased with our partnership with Polestar, and I look forward to disseminating more information about Polestar's cars and technologies ".

The new Polestar Space in Nærum at Nærum Hovedgade 1 is now open for test drives. Polestar's specialists will provide a complete introduction to the car and its creative attributes.

Several towns in North Zealand have ambitious climate plans and would like to see more electric vehicles on the road to help with the green transition. It can be seen, for example, in Rudersdal Municipality, where the new Polestar Space is located. Here you have a climate goal of being CO2-neutral by 2040, and to achieve that goal, electric cars must make up half of all passenger cars in the municipality in 2030.


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