Germans are increasingly used to using electric and hybrid cars for their holiday trips. Kayak, the most popular travel search engine, examined the company's statements and found this truth. Based on the evaluation, the number of searches by German travelers for green rental cars like hybrids and electric vehicles went up by about 294 % this summer compared to 2019. Germany is the fourth country in Europe that has seen the most growth in people using Kayak filters to find environmentally friendly ways to travel. On the list, Portugal, the Netherlands, and Italy are ahead of everyone else.

Germany is still in 15th place on the list of countries where people are most looking for electric or hybrid rental cars. Sweden is in the first place, France is second, and Italy is third.

"When Germans travel, they become more aware of their environmental impact. This is clear from the sharp rise in searches for green rental cars and a survey we did with German travelers about how they travel. Around 38% said sustainable factors influenced their summer 2022 vacation plans," says Laure Bornet of Kayak.

For the "Roadtrip Index 2022," Kayak looked at 33 European countries based on essential factors when traveling by car. Also, the ten countries best for a green road trip in an electric car or hybrid vehicle were found. Some things that were taken into account were the number of charging stations and the prices for eco-friendly cars. Other things that were considered were air pollution, traffic volume, and the number of vehicles.

The Roadtrip Index 2022 says that the Netherlands is the best place for a green road trip because it has more e-charging stations per 100 square kilometers and fewer cars per person than most of the other countries that were looked at after that come Iceland and Estonia, which do very well regarding air pollution and traffic.

The Road Trip Index for Germany shows that North Rhine-Westphalia is a great place to travel with an electric or hybrid car: Across the country, there are 15 charging stations for every 100 km2 in this area. Baden-Württemberg comes in second with 13 charging stations per 100 km2, and the Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein region come in third with 11 charging stations per 100 km2.


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