Enjoy a pleasant, smooth shave! The SOOCAS S5 shaver features various functions and a small design, and a battery that provides up to 60 days of usage following a 1.5-hour charge. The 360° cutting heads ensure an effective and pleasant shave. In addition, you will be able to eliminate any unwanted hair with the aid of two blades.

Soocas S3 - An revolutionary razor, the SOOCAS S3 allows you to shape and trim your beard to your liking.

The three 360-degree rotating cutting heads will fit precisely on your face and remove even the tiniest hairs, while the huge 800-mAh battery can provide up to an hour of shaving after a full charge. In addition, the Soocas S3 is the first razor to include IFT suspension technology. As a result, its high-quality metal cutting heads may move and spin freely, cutting hair accurately.

The Soocas Razor ET2 is a new shaver that can fulfill your needs, whether shaving, haircutting, or shaving. In addition, the shaver is perfect for eliminating hair from the entire body.

The Soocas shaver uses three-sided blade technology to remove each hair from the targeted region effectively. @via SOOCAS.


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