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IndiNeem is the leading manufacturer of Cold Pressed Neem oil for Human health, Cosmetic, Animal care, Sanitisation, Neem based Insecticide formulations, Neem cake powder, and fertilizer. Neem-based crop protection products, apart from being eco–friendly is the best alternative to synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Apart from these, we integrate neem in some of our best beauty products like Aromatic Oil, Indi Red Wine Soap for Skin, IndiHerb Versatile Skin Care Glycerin, IndiNeem Pure Herbal Karanj Oil, the best edibles like IndiHerb Herbal Ashwagandha Powder, IndiNeem Eco-Friendly Organic Neem Cake Powder, IndiHerb Immunity Booster, and other essentials such as IndiNeem Neem Nite Mosquito Repellent. All the products are 100% organic with No added preservatives, No additives.

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